Investment Process

Our investment process is an on-going search for value-priced investment opportunities. We continuously source ideas from a variety of venues, looking for companies whose stock is priced at or near their book value per share. Of those potential opportunities , we gather a vast amount of data and information from a multitude of sources to assess each company's absolute value.

All viable opportunities, based on our assessed margin of safety, are then presented to the Portfolio Manager. The Portfolio Manager makes all portfolio investment buy-hold-sell decisions.

Research Process

Our research process starts by identifying companies whose stock is priced at or near its book value per share.

We then gather vast amounts of data about each potential investment and assess, through in-depth analysis, its absolute value.

After we assess a company's absolute value, we then determine if enough disparity or gap exist between our assessed value and its current market price to create wealth over the long term. This gap represents our margin of safety.